The mission of the Center for Civic Education Pakistan is to cultivate civic culture by promoting values of responsible citizenship and principles of democracy.

Citizens Wire

Our motto is ‘Information for Democracy’ and our mission is ‘to promote freedom of expression and expand citizens’ right to information.’

It is pretty hard to confess institutional biases even in the age of unprecedented polarization and divisions. But we start our professional journey with our pronounced bias for federal, parliamentary and democratic republic.

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Electoral Literacy

Pakistan is on the road to Election-2018, and if it goes smoothly, it will be the second consecutive civilian to civilian transition in country’s troubled political history. The incumbent government will complete its 5-year constitutional term on May 31, 2018 and then within 60-day the next general elections will be held.

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Constitutional Literacy Campaign

We the concerned citizens of Pakistan realizing that the future of Pakistan and its 170 million people depends on continuity of democratic governance embedded in supremacy of the Constitution, consider democratic civic education an important instrument to provide intellectual context and develop necessary skills to actively and effectively participate in this national pursuit.
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